Grand Slam Math
This program starts off with easier word problems and gets harder as you go on.
You can choose Level 1 (addition and subtration problems) or Level 2 (multiplication and division problems).
Math Hoops
Math Hoops has word problem practice ranging from single-step addition to multistep equations. Answer five questions correctly and get a chance to play some basketball!
Middle School Word Problems
This site, from Math TV, has middle-school level problems. Each problem has a step-by-step video solution, follow-up problems, an online calculator, and sketch pad.
Solve It! Math Videos
This site has multistep word problems that you can try on your own and then watch a video that shows step-by-step solutions.
Word Problems - Key Words
This page has some good tips on word problems and a very useful chart of key words inn word problems.
Word Problems With Katie
Word Problems with Katie starts out easy and gets a little harder as you go. You can choose from Level 1 (addition and subtraction single and multistep word problems) or Level 2 (multiplication and division single and multistep word problems).