Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

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Weather WebQuest

Introduction | Task | Process | Resources | Evaluation

The Water Cycle | Cloud Types and Formation | Local Weather | Weather Across the USA | Climate  

Introduction :

This is a comprehensive webquest designed for 5th grade students.

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The Task:

You will use the Internet to gather information.

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The Process:

The Water Cycle  

1. Use the following links to research the water cycle.  Take notes in your science journal.

2. Use your research to create a chart that illustrates the various parts of the water cycle.  Label the chart and include an explanation of the different steps.  Is the amount of water on Earth always changing or a constant amount?  Explain your answer, and give your references. 

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Cloud Types and Formation.  

1. Use the following links to complete your research on this topic.  Take notes in your science journal of all the important information you find on the sites.

2. Observe the sky for five days and identify the types of clouds seen. Create a chart  to record your data.  Now, create a poster of the different cloud types and the weather that accompanies these clouds.

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Local Weather

1. Go to www.  and record the current conditions for our area (zip code 12568) on the chart that you created for the cloud types.  Return to the website daily for four more days and record conditions for our area on your chart.

Weather Across the USA  

1. Use the following links to record current weather conditions in each of the cities.
Lexington, NC

St. Louis, MO

Los Angeles, CA

Juneau, AK

Honolulu, HI

2. Create a chart and record the information daily for one week. 

3.  Consider where these areas are located.  Can you make any predictions or draw any conclusions from this information?

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1. Take notes on climate information from the following site.

Now, check the climate details from 10 cities in different parts of the United States from the following site

3. Graph the data that you collected in a chart in your notebook.  How is this infomation useful?

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Here are some additional weather resources:




You will maintain a weather folder and be graded on all completed work and you science journal.