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Want to know what Mrs. Szabo thinks the secret to becoming a better writer is? READING.  Reading allows you to expand your vocabulary by being introduced to new words and word usage within the sentence.  Reading also allows you to become more familiar with proper sentence structure, grammar and punctation.

Writing for SchoolUsage/Grammar
Paradigm Online Writing Assistant
An Excellent Guide to Essay Writing
Creative Writing for Teens
An Megasite
Guide to Grammar and Writing
Excellent FAQ & "Notorious Confusables"
Writing Better
Amherst College
The Elements of Style
William Strunk's Venerable Writing Guide
Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL)
Includes a Printer-Friendly Index of Handouts
Common Errors in English
Washington State University.
Grammar and Style Notes
Alphabetical Rules of Usage
Getting an A on an English Paper
Jack Lynch | Rutgers University
World Wide Words
"Exploring the English Language"
The King's English
H.W. Fowler

An Online Service offering MLA style bibliography citations creation (NoodleBib) among other tools. Wallkill CSD has an active NoodleBib subscription (2007/08).

Writing Outside of School
Creative Writing Contests
A Yahoo Category.
Short Story Contests by Month
Careers: Fiction Writing

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Considering a career in writing?

Amazon lists their most popular style and usage guides,
or one might browse the 52,000 titles in the writing category.

Also visit The Slot, a web site by Bill Walsh, professional copy editor of the Washington Post. The Sharp Points section offers columns regarding contemporary word usage and style. Walsh has written two books on the subject, and offers a directory to many more.