Wednesday, December 13th, 2017

Invention Project

Create Your Own Invention


Create an invention that you think will benefit someone or something in our lives. Be as creative as you can. You must describe your invention in great details. Be very specific on the purpose of the invention. Make sure you explain why your invention is important and how it will change society. You must create a model of the invention (The model does not have to work).

You are to use your imagination and we will use ours!

1. Write an essay to describe your invention.

Your essay must be typed, double spaced using Times New-Roman 12" fonts. Remember to have an introduction and a conclusion. Proper spelling and punctuation count. This is a formal essay (40%).

Your paper must answer the following questions:

1.  What is it?

2.  What does it do?

3.  Why is it important?

4.  What will it replace, if anything?
5.  How would one create or make the invention?

6.  How and why would you use it?

7.  How would it improve someone’s or something’s life?

8.  When and where will it be used?
What ways will this invention change or affect our lives?

2. Model of your invention (40%).

Your model should be large enough for the class to see it when you give your presentation and small enough to be able to carry it on the bus. Remember that the invention must be a positive contribution to people, animals and/or environment. Details and creativity are key for this part of the project. Remember to be neat, imaginative and professional. Who knows, one day you could patent your idea.


3. Present your invention to the class (20%).

You will present an explanation of your invention using the model of your invention to the class. You will need to be prepared to speak in front of the class for at least three minutes. Students will be allowed to ask you questions about your invention. Make sure you answer many of your questions from your essay and volume counts. The class will later vote, after seeing all of the inventions, on the best ones. @

Be prepared to speak in front of the class on the day the assignment is due.


PROJECT IS DUE: Tuesday, May 16, 2006!

The invention project will be graded as a test grade. This project is a creative, inventive and fun way to appreciate inventions of the past by creating ways to change our future. We will focus on the specific inventions and inventors of the past in class as we study Chapter 11.