• Music Trivia Game! 

    Game play rules:

    1.  Email your correct answers to Ms. Michlewski to accumulate "Winners Points".
    2.  For each question only the first three people with correct answers will be awarded points.
    3.  The questions are catagorized by difficulty.  "Hard" questions are worth 3 points, "medium" questions are worth 2 points, and "easy" questions are worth 1 point.
    4.  New questions will be added regularly so stop by weekly!
    5.  The top three students with the most Winner's Points at the end of each grading quarter will win a "Championship Music Trivia" award!
    Good Luck!
  • Questions posted on 9/27/06:

    Hard Questions:

    1. What is the 14th word in the Wallkill HS Band Handbook?

    2. What date was the Bach trumpet with the serial number 70,503 made?

    3. Name all the sons and daughter of J.S.Bach.

    4. What pitch frequency does the New York Philharmonic tune to?

    5. How many intermissions are there in Philip Glass' four and a half hour opera "Einstien on the Beach"?

    6. Three part question: a) Who coined the term "Wind Ensemble"? b) In what year was the first group formed? c ) Where was this first ensemble formed?

    7. How does the fibonacci sequence relate to music?

    8. Explain Stephen Mellio's concept for using "pad bass" with a band.

    8. Why does the pitch of wind instruments get sharper as the room tempature rises?

    10. How does Just Intonation differ from Equal Temperment?

    11 How are the instruments of a concert band arranged when they are put into "score order"?

    12.  What is the chord progression to "I've Got Rhythm"?

    13.  What decade was the piston valve invented?

    14.  In what key were instruments pitched in DCI drum corps in the 1980's? 

    Medium questions:

    1. Three part question: a) Who is Ms. Michlewski's favorite American film score composer? b) How old is this composer? c) What orchestra was he most known for conducting?

    2.  What direction are you pointed towards when you facing at the chalkboard in the bandroom (N,E,W,S)?

    3.  Name three American composers famous for writing marches for bands.

    4.  What year did Mr. Jachimiak first start working at Wallkill H.S.?

    Easy questions:

    1.  List in order the procedures every student must follow when entering the room for Ms. Michlewski's band rehearsal.

    2.  How many keys are on the marimba located in the band room?

    3.  List the Concert Band's first three performance dates.