Study Tools

  • How to Use
    How to Study for Vocabulary Quizzes

         This is a great site to make flash cards for any subject to study.
         Make sure to set the language to Spanish to hear the correct pronunciation of each vocabulary word.

    Word Reference
         This site is designed to be a quick and easy way to translate words from English to Spanish.
         Remember when translating, it is necessary to conjugate all verbs, make noun adjective agreement,
         and use the correct sentence format. This website is NOT an easy way to complete writing assignments.
         You MUST still use your brain!

    Spanish Verb Drills
         This site will be helpful when studying grammar. It is capable of creating a pretest in order to practice
         conjugating a specific type of verb. All verbs listed are categorized separately.

         This website will give each student the opportunity to gain 5 extra points on every new (not review quizzes)
         vocabulary quiz. Please see the directions found on the home page of my website to create and modify a
         conjuguemos account. (scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page.)