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     The Walkill High School Library program exists to support students, faculty, administration, and staff by providing a wide array of information on all topics through a variety of mediums.  The library program encourages all students to be independent researchers, critical thinkers, to explore both subjects across the curriculum and their personal interests, and to gain useful and necessary knowledge applicable to life after their high school career.  All students should feel comfortable and confident using the library.  All students will have equal access to knowledge, and see both sides of an issue presented.  The library fosters communication and collaboration in an environment where learning takes place in small groups, individual study, and whole class instruction. 


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Library Staff

  • Ms. Werlau WSHS Librarian

    Ms. Werlau, WSHS Library Media Specialist


    Ms. Ley WSHS Library Clerk

    Ms. Ley, WSHS Library Clerk