• You should launch your online research from this page of databases. 

    As a student researcher it's extremely important to gather many resources from various sources so that you can ensure accuracy and avoid bias.  For example, finding articles and information first from databases, which are reliable and accurate, allow you to have a comparison piece in case you come across information or articles on the web that may contradict information and articles you found using databases.  You would then reject the sources of information you found on the web.

    As you continue searching the web you should look even more closely at the source of the information you're finding, i.e., publisher, author's credentials, organization's legitamacy, copyright year, etc.  In a nutshell, when varying your sources of information from online sources, use databases and trusted, reliable websites, preferably those with web addresses ending in .gov or .edu. At times .org web sites or blogs or other types of online sharing (Twitter, Facebook pages) from experts in their fields are valuable.


    WSHS Library Databases