Knight image, holding lance and shield

  • The Madrigal Choir is an auditioned group of singers who perform music of the Medieval and Rennaisance eras. The ensemble performs at all High School choral concerts, Festivals of Music Competitions and various community events. Rehearsals areonce a week after school from 2:35 pm until 4 pm.

    Auditions will be held on Wednesday, September 12th after school in the Chorus room.  You must memorize the music and do your best to portray the text through facial expression and gestures.  These are not blind auditions - students will audition in groups of 3 (1 soprano, 1 alto, 1 baritone) with all auditioning students present in the room.  Results will be posted Thursday, September 13th on the Chorus room door.  (Students who are selected for the group are responsible for acquiring their own costume.)  

    Paper copies of the audition piece are in the black hanging box next to the chorus room.