To apply for La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica: 

    A) Student must have received a 90% or higher in Spanish 3.

    B) Student must have completed Spanish 4 with a 90% or higher.

    C) Student must have never received a grade below a 65% in any Spanish class.

    D) Student must be enrolled in a Spanish 5 class.  (If a student drops Spanish 5, they will be removed from the society.)

    E) Students must be of good character and may not have had recorded incidents of cheating, plagiarism, misconduct, insubordination, or dishonesty in any course.

    Students will be inducted upon review of application and notification of acceptance.

    Click HERE to print an application. 

    • Applications must be printed and completed in blue or black ink.
    • A personal statement must be TYPED and attached to your application by the due date (See Schoology Group).