• Parent Code of Conduct

    The Athletic Office promotes the belief that spectators will not be allowed to interfere with the enjoyment of the students’ participation, other spectators, or with the performance of employees and officials supervising any athletic event.  Spectators, just as the student participants, are expected to display mature behavior and sportsmanship.  Failure of spectators to do so is disruptive and embarrassing to students, the athletic department, and the entire Wallkill community.

    To protect the rights of students to participate without fear of interference and to allow officials and support staff to perform their duties without interference the following provisions shall be in effect:

    a)Abusive, verbal, or physical conduct of spectators directed at participants, officials, support staff, or other spectators involved in such activity will not be tolerated.

    b)Verbal or physical conduct of spectators that interferes with the performance of athletes, students, officials, or support staff involved in such activity will not be tolerated.

    c)The use of vulgar, obscene, or demeaning expressions at other spectators, athletes, students, officials or support staff participating in such activities will not be tolerated.

    If a spectator at an athletic event becomes physically abusive, verbally abusive, uses vulgarity, obscene or demeaning language, or in any way impedes the performance of an activity, the spectator will be removed from the event by security personnel, school officials, or by the individual in charge of the event and may risk being banned from future contests as determined by the Athletic Director.