• We welcome Principal, Lionel JeanJacques and the Middletown Christian School Students to our annual Career Day.
    They have been attending our Career Day for over 15 yrs.

  • 2015 Career Day Particpants

    Frankie K ~ Frank J. Kosteczko
    Actor - Entrepreneur - Owner of Frankie K Clothing Ltd

    Brian Keenan - Restaurateur

    Steve Borland - Karate Teacher
    New Paltz Karate Academy

    Steph Zabinski  Karate Teacher
    New Paltz Karate Academy

    Michelle Hathaway - Director of Development - Greystone Programs

    Mike Gonzalez - Computer Chip/Layout Designer IBM

     Donna Egan – H. O. Penn Machinery
    EHS Manager

    Melissa Charest – H. O. Penn Machinery
    Corporate Recruiter

     Nicole Borriello– Access Physical Therapy

    Linda Showers – Rose Women’s Health Center

    Frank Petrone – Shawangunk Police Department

    John Caldrone - Shawangunk Police Department

    Sergeant Gerald Marlatt - Shawangunk Police Department

     Jane Savage - Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

    Ryan Cass 3rd Lt (Fire) - Modena Fire/Rescue Department

    Reena DePaolo - Asst. Director AMP/CSTEP
    SUNY New Paltz

    Lenore Schulte - Program Administrator - STEP
    SUNY New Paltz

    Michael Nycz - Electrical Engineer

    Timothy Turner - Teacher - Real Estate Broker - Coach

    Trooper Angela Wood - New York State Trooper

     CPT Marisol Torres – USMA – West Point Academy
    Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

    Rob Malatesta -Rob’s Pizzeria

    Vinny Simon - Rob’s Pizzeria

    George Rodriguez - Corrections Officer
    Wallkill Correctional Facility

    Barbara Bishop -Corrections Officer
    Wallkill Correctional Facility

    Yana Murray- Corrections Officer
    Wallkill Correctional Facility

     Martin Kirschner, Construction

     Carl Rucker, Chemical Engineer

    Josh Wein, DJ Company

    David Weinstein
    Marketing Director Hudson Heritage Federal Credit Union

    Susan Tether
    Esthetician/Make Up Artist
    teven Griffith NYCPD Inspector of Police
    Zoya Griffith NYCPD Police Officer

    Mike Horodyski
    PresidentWallkill Valley Federal Savings and Loan

    Rachel Petrone

    Branch Manager, Wallkill Valley Federal Savings and Loan

    Debbie Pollard 
    AVP BSA/Compliance, Wallkill Valley Federal Savings and Loan

    Stacy Henry, Combined Insurance Sales Agent

    Libra Banke - Mary Kay Cosemetics

    Jacklyn Hindley - Mary Kay Cosemetics

    Andriy Milvasky - Clarinet Player/Musical Educator
    Kevin Secor - Modena Fire Department
    Bill Coriston - Modena Fire Department
    Bob Wager - Modena Fire Department
     Dan Redner - Modena Fire Department
     Dean Depew - Modena Fire Department

    Ben Antzak - Modena Fire Department
    Jean Pilus - Mobil Life - Media Relations & EMT
    Tim Scannell - Mobil Life - CFO

    Joe Brennan USMC Retired