• Absences

    Absences will happen from time to time. It is important that students do their best to stay healthy and be present in school as there is a direct correlation between student attendance and student performance in the classroom. If your student is out, please contact the Attendance Office at 895-7183. When the student returns from an absence please provide a note for the student explaining the reason for the absence and any attached documentation if needed (doctor's notes etc). The student should give the note to the homeroom teacher in the morning.

  • Requesting Homework:

    If a student will be out for one (1) day, please look on Schoology or teacher websites for homework. Teacher websites can be found on the Middle School Homepage or from the Guidance Homepage. If a student will be out for MORE than one day, please contact Mrs. Bucker in the Guidance Office at 895-7179 and we will put out a Homework Request that will go out to all of the student's teachers. The homework will be available for pickup in the Guidance Office between 2:30 and 3:30 or can be given to a peer in the school if arranged at home.