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  • Tasks

    Read a summary of your assignment.

  • Task: News Report
    Pretend you are news anchor reporting on a "breaking" story about the civil rights movement. Create your own news report by creating a podcast about the event.

    You will: 
    1. Choose an event

    2. Research the event and fill in the 5ws organizer.

    3. Then based on your research, complete the problem and solution organizer.

    4. Using both the 5ws organizer and problem and solution organizer, write a news article using the newpaper article planner.

    5. Choose 6- 8 photos of your event and save them in a new folder called Civil Rights

    6. Use photostory to create your news report.


  • Handouts

    Use these handouts to help you along your way.

  • Events

    Research the different events that occured during the Civil Rights movement.