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    Class Procedures

    This page will provide you with information regarding expectations for behavior, dress code policy, and medical excuses.


    Locks & Lockers:

    ·   All students are issued a gym locker and locks may be purchased from your PE teacher for $5.00-New or $3.00-Used.

    ·   Students should not share their locker or combination with anyone.

    ·   All belongings should be locked up in their locker. Do not leave things out during class. PE teachers are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

    ·   Students should always double check to make sure the lock is secure.

    ·   Missing locks should be reported immediately to his/her PE teacher so the lock can be recovered.


    Proper PE Attire:

    ·   Students must change for class(shorts,sweats, t-shirts,sneakers).

    ·   Athletic clothing worn to school that day is unacceptable.

    ·   Athletes may not wear their school uniform during class.

    ·   Leaving old sneakers and extra clothing in his/her locker is encouraged.

    ·   Students need to bring, use, and leave deodorant in their locker.

    ·   Jewelry must be left locked in locker.

    ·   If a student is unprepared for class 3 times, the student is assigned an after school detention.

    ·   If a student sits out during PE class they may not participate in a sports practice, game, or intramurals after school.


    Medical Excuses:

    ·   If your child is seriously injured with a broken limb or a serious illness a doctor's medical excuse must be on file in the nurse's office. When your child is able to return to PE/Sports it will be necessary to have a doctor's release on file as well.

    ·   Parental notes serve to inform us about what is going on in relation to an injury, but does not automatically excuse your child from class. The first step will be to modify the activity to suit your child's specific needs.


    Class Rules:

    ·   Appropriate conduct will be expected at all times.

    ·   Be prepared for class

    ·   Participate in all class activities to the best of your ability.

    ·   Be on time. You must have a pass if you are late. Change quickly and sit in your squads. Three illegal lates results in an after school detention.

    ·   No food or drinks allowed in the gymnasium.

    ·   Do not chew gum.

    ·   No Horseplay.

    ·   Respect each other, school property, and PE equipment.

    ·   Lock all items in locker.

    ·   Always try your best.

    ·   Have Fun.


    Grades: Grades are based on quizzes, tests, class participation and preparation. After 3 absences students are required to complete make up assignments on the website for class credit. Students are not graded on athletic ability.

    ·   Class Participation -attitude, effort, sportsmanship, cooperation, and behavior.

    ·   Class Preparation -appropriate attire, and timely arrival into the locker room and class.


    Class Activities:

    ·   The program is designed to introduce students to a large variety of activities including team, individual, and lifetime sports, as well as, recreational and fitness activities.

    ·   In the process of developing the students physically, emotionally, and socially a major focus should be to promote healthy and active lifestyles.