• Healthy Living Week
    May 11th - 15th
    John G. Borden Middle School is hosting a variety of activities to encourage students and their families to make healthy nutrition and exercise choices.

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    Students will be asked to:
    * Participate in a variety of cardiovascular and strength training activities. 
    * Students must keep track of their daily activity for the entire week. Parental signature is required. Activity logs are due by May 15th.

    Successful students will receive raffle tickets for great prizes and a field trip to Gold's Gym.

    Sit Less-Move More!
    Take the stairs every chance you get.
    Walk the dog.
    Turn up the music and dance.
    Go outside and play.
    Join a school sport or intramurals.
    Work in the yard.
    Limit television and video games.

    Please join us and make a family commitment to a healthier lifestyle.