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    Reading Terms used by Teachers in the classroom and on Report cards

    Word attack skills - When a child comes across an unknown word, they must be able to use a variety of resources in order to figure out the word.  For example: 
    They may decode (sound out) words.
     They may use the first letter of a word.
     They may look at the picture.
     They may cross-check the first letter with the picture.
     They may look for little words hidden in the big words.

  • Word Recognition Skills- Students need to have sight words of frequently used words that are memorized for fluent reading.
  • Comprehension skills- This refers to a student's ability to understand what she reads.  Self-correcting shows a student reads for meaning.  A student should be able to stop and discuss, question, or comment on what she reads.

    There are various types of comprehension.  One type is called explicit or direct recall of facts or information from text.  Another type is called implied or "reading between the lines."

    Other comprehension skills we work on are as follows:  sequencing, main idea, fact and opinion, drawing conclusions, and making predictions.  These help a reader make connections to text and better understand what she is reading.