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    1st Grade Already! wow!!! Time Flies! Our 1st graders will be doing some really great things this year in art! Some things we will be doing are: *Reading the book mouse paint and being art scientists, creating lots of colors from the 3 primary colors! (red,yellow,blue) *Learning about the artist Piet Mondrian, and how he created simplified artwork of vertical and horizontal lines, and used just the primary colors to color in the spaces. *Learn about symmetry and create symmetrical Fall leaves with symmetrical bugs on them! *Reading the fun book Elmer and learning about being different, and also learn about patchwork and patterns. *Create ripped paper portraits. *Read the book the Big Orange Splot, and creating our own unique homes. *Create crazy Picasso portraits *Learn about the Japanese holiday, Kids Day, and creating Japanese Flying fish, as they do on this holiday *Creating rainmakers, and many other things!

  • Here are some examples of what we are doing in 1st Grade! *Students drew Elmer and his Silly friend and colored them with markers after we read the book Elmer. *Students then created a beautiful jungle painting and glued their elephants on them!

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