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    Our 2nd Graders will learn about lots of fun things this year, and will create lots of great artwork! Some things they will learn and do are: *create their own scratchboard *learn about shading and highlights and create a fall tree *use clay to make a fall leaf *learn about the artist Claude Monet and create a watercolor bridge in his style *Learn about and practice symmetry by making a butterfly *Learn about the elements of art and how they are important to artists and many other things!

Here are some examples of what they are creating in art...

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    Students created their own scratchboards! It was lots of fun to reveal all the beautiful colors!!!

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    2nd graders made a mixed medium fall tree. They used colored pencil and watercolor paint to make their windy background. They then were taught about light and shadow and created a tree with tempera paint. Next they made crayon rubbings on construction paper, using the textures from the bottom of their shoes! Lastly they pasted on their colorful leaves onto their artwork! Beautiful!
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