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    4th Graders will be getting more advanced with their artwork this year! I will try to really challenge them and teach them new things! Here are some things that will be covered: *We will learn about the artist Bridget Riley and create an Op Art piece weaving. * We will learn about the Mexican Holiday, Day of the Dead, and will create skeletons reflecting a positive characteristic of an ancestor. * we will learn about clay and sculpting and create Mini Meals and talk about the artist Claus Oldenburg, and his Big Food. * We will learn about Native American Power shields and their meaning *We will create lighthouses and sharpen our constructing skills *We will learn about the artist M.C. Esher and will create a tessellation *We will talk about architecture and will create buildings for a city of the future *We will talk about Vincent Van Gogh and his artwork, Starry Night and create our own inspired piece *We will learn about Aztec Sun Gods and create our own *We will talk about different types of lines, and patterns and create a Crazy Haired Person, all out of lines. *We will learn about Mexican Metal Tooling, and create our own piece.... here are some examples.... *
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  • Next 4th Graders worked on Day of The Dead Skeletons. The project is based on the ideas of this Mexican holiday. Students could decorate their skeletons to honor someone they loved that had passed away.
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    4th Graders learned about the importance of Sun Gods to the Aztecs. They each then created their own unique Sun God out of cardboard.
  • 4th Graders next learned about Tesselations and the artist MC Escher. They all created their own "puzzle" piece and created a repeating pattern on paper.