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    I am so excited about the 5th grade curriculum! Here are some things we will cover this year in art! * We will create Pinwheels for Peace with the 6th graders to fly outside on the internation day of peace, september 21st. *We will Learn about Pop Art and the artists Andy Warhol and Claus Oldenburg and will create collasal candy! *We will also create Pop Art inspired dessert drawings, learning how to shade with our colored pencils *We will create a stained glass like piece on paper *we will create molds of our hands and paint them after a style or masterpiece of a famous artist. *we will make Native American Tee Pees *We will create word art *we will create large cartoon collages *we will make dream catchers *we will learn about the Hudson River School, and create landscape paintings *We will create Egyptian Masks. here are some examples of what we are doing....
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    The 5th Graders then created "Stained Glass" animals. They used paint colored glue to make their outlines, and painted their beautiful animals with watercolor paint. They also learned about Warm and Cool colors and used just those types of colors in their paintings.
  • 5th Graders learned about the artist Wayne Thiebaud and how he created many paintings of desserts! They all created their own composition, which is either symmetrical, assymetrical, or radial in design. They look good enough to eat!