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    6th graders, are almost in middle school, so their artwork is going to really be challenging this year! and of course fun!!! Here are some of things we will be doing: * creating pinwheels for peace with the 5th graders *Creating a picture of something real, imaginary, silly, serious, etc in a jar, and learning how to draw form *Drawing a view through a window *creating and abstract piece of artwork *Drawing a still life of objects arranged in the classroom *Drawing celebrity portraits--learning how to draw facial features, use a grid, and use charcaol to shade *Create our own unique color wheel *Make a radial drawing of our names *Learn about the artist Don King, who made chairs, and creating and designing our own and more!!! here are some examples of our work...

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    6th Graders created their own unique color wheel, by mixing all of their own colors, with using just the 3 primary colors.

  • 6th graders use a a grid enlargment technique to create a drawing of a celebrity. They also learn how to shade their finished drawings with charcoal and pencil. Can you tell who they are?
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  • 6th graders make a "View through a Window." They are told to "think outside the box" and create really original pictures, looking through any sort of "window." They then are instructed to color their pictures using at least 2 different art materials.