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    Re"bell"ion On Election Tuesday, November 7, students at Plattekill were in the second stages of their re"bell"ious enrichment year. (They had previously studied John Phillip Sousa's "Liberty Bell March.") They were both entertained and entertaining during a presentation by the "Marvelous Musical Martins," who presented 2 assembly programs about civic responsibility, the individual's role as a citizen, national pride, and the role of the BELL throughout history. 6th graders were chosen to participate in the "Quasimodo Bell Choir"--a group which met before school began to learn parts on handbells and tone chimes to accompany the presentations. All students can look forward to ongoing enrichment activities such a bell poetry, games, and projects. Mrs. Holmes will be creating metal repousse bells in art, shortly.
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    Quasimodo Bell choir Conrad Mossl Kalah Spinney Freddy Colon Sarah Atkins Tiffany Herrera Sydney Lobdell Torey Puff Angela Ramos John Siebold Troy Smith Ashley Piemarini Rosie Olejniczak Brandon Ramos Destiny Gordon Kidiara Shindel Nicole DeStefano Alexis Arroyo Kelly Szeles
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    Concertina and violin...
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    Handbells (note the gloves....these bells are @$250 each!)
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    Solutions Unlimited : Briana Dabroski Sara Riggins Nick Hocker Alex Rossi Jordan Mignault
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    Flags of many lands...