• Go to getkahoot.com

    Top right sign up for free

    Whats your role - pick student under 16. Please read the highlighted part on the bottom of this page.

    Date of Birth

    Username-make up a name atleast 6 characters long


    confirm email


    click create account

    click public kahoots

    search box - ostranderpe (all lower case with no spaces)

    click search

    Pick a game and click play

    click classic

    ready to join page with kahoot pin

    download kahoot app

    add game pin


    click start button on 1 device

    questions will come up on that device

    colored tabs will come up on your other device

    read question on 1 device tap answer on the other device

    Have fun!

  • Yes you can have your students play by themselves. If they have their own accounts. The teacher will share with each one of them the kahoot they want them to play. They can either use 2 devices of preview mode. Students must be 17 or older to have kahoots shared to their account.