PE Teacher Profiles

  • Ms. McGowan
  • 1978 University of Wisconsin BSE in PE 1990 Masters in education SUNY New Paltz 1988 started teaching at Wallkill - past coaching girls indoor track - presently coaching modified track and soccer
  • Mr. Kowal
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  • 1984 graduate of Hudson High School -partricapated in Football, Basketball,Swimming and Tennis 1988 graduate of SUNY Cortland BSE Physical Education -participated in Football,Rugby and coached High School tennis 1992 received masters in Physical Education and Health Education 1988 Mr. Kowal started teaching for Wallkill CSD and has taught MS Health and PE aswell as Elementary PE at Ostrander for the past 23 years. He has also coached a wide variety of sports including, Middle School football, wrestling, track, volleyball and gymnastics. High School sports include, track, football, wrestling and gymnastics. Mr. Kowal loves teaching students PE,and he loves to goof around with the children. He has been at Ostrander long enough to teach children of past students. Wow he is old.