• Ostranders Physical Fitness Test

    *New York State requires all students to participate in a physical fitness test.

         The physical fitness test was designed to provide a means of identifying physically underdeveloped pupils.  It provides school districts with a valid, reliable, and administratively feasible instrument that may be utilized to appreaise quickly the physical fitness status of pupils from 6years to 17 years of age.

         Ostrander uses the Presidential Challenge test.  The standards for this test are based on the fitness scores of thousands of students in the United States.  If your child scored at the 85th percentile or above, they have scored in the top 15 percent of their age group and have received the Presidential Fitness Award for outstanding achievement.

         If your child scored at the 50th percentile or above, it means that they have scored in the top half among students in their age group who have taken this test and have received National(N) in that category.  Students receiving at or above the 50th percentiles on all 5 items will receive a certificate.

         If your child has not received a (P) or (N) he of she has not passed that section of the test and has scored in the lower 50% of students in the state.

         It only takes a little extra work to enable your child to reach the national level and  scan be done at home as well as in school.

         Experiencing the bendfits of exeercise early in life establishes a strong foundation for a lifetime of physical fitness.