• Remember, study your notes and vocabulary from your math composition book!! Practice problems that you know you find difficult.  Check the answers with a buddy. 
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    Be prepared for Math:
    - bring two sharpened pencils to class
    - do assignments with pencil
    - organize your problems by numbering them
    - leave space between problems
    - show all your work
    - be ready to hand in your homework at the beginning of class

    You can always improve your grades by:

    - making corrections AND handing them in 

    - studying notes in your student reference book

    - studying multiplication facts

    - practice on www.ixl.com
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    Topics covered since the beginning of the school year:

    • Estimation and Rounding
    • Place value
    • Decimals:   adding. subtracting, multiplying, dividing
    • Fractions:   reducing, equivilent fractions, adding/subtracting with like denominators, unlike denominators, adding mixed numbers
    • Algebra: reading/writing expressions, reading/writing equations, solving equations 
    • Fractions: subtracting mixed numbers, multiplying/dividing fractions/mixed numbers and converting between fractions and decimals
    • Ratios/Proportions:  Writing ratios, and solving proportions.
    • Percents:  converting between fractions, decimals, and percents.
    • Properties (Commutative, Associative, Identity, and Inverse)

    Topics we plan on covering this quarter are:

    • Geometry: area, perimeter, vocabulary, similar figures and solving for the missing side, 3D shapes and vocabulary, surface area and volume.
    • Probability
    • Distributive Property
    • Statisitics: Mean, median, mode.