Students who practice the PAWS expecations on the bus receive bus tickets.  Students put their name, grade, and teacher on the ticket.  There is an envelope in each classroom to collect the tickets. At the end of each month, the bus tickets are collected.  Fifteen tickets are pulled and those students receive a certificate and PAWS cash, which can be spent at our PAWS store.

    Below are the students' bus expectations.  Please review these with your child for a safe and enjoyable ride home.


    ·         Greeting the bus driver(Hello, Good Morning, etc.)

    ·         Voice Level 0 -2.

    ·         Use polite words when speaking to driver or other passengers.

    ·         Remain seated

    ·         Look and listen to driver for directions.


    ·         Follow the posted safety rules.

    ·       Seat on Seat, Back on Back, Clear the Aisle