• Music Department Staff

    To contact any staff member by email:

    first initial and last name @wallkillcsd.k12.ny.us

    Example: Mrs. Kirsten Rolon, Department Chair



    WSHS Music Department Staff

    Mrs. Dawn Amthor - Choral Music

    Mrs. Ashley Contzius - Instrumental Music


    JGBMS Music Department Staff

    Mr. Adam Kuliszewski - Instrumental Music

    Mrs. Jesse Wallen da Silva - General Music/Choral


    Elementary Music Department Staff

    Mrs. Kirsten Rolon - General Music/Choral & Department Chair

    Mrs. JoAnn Randi - General Music/Choral

    Ms. Melissa Holland - General Music/Choral

    Mrs. Edie Duncan - Instrumental Music (Orchestra)

    Mrs. Meredith Rubinstein - Instrumental Music (Band)

    Mr. Russ Westervelt - Instrumental Music (Band)