• Features of The Computerized and Card-Less Lunch Accountability System

    All students have been assigned a lunch identification number and must use it to purchase food in the cafeteria. This is called a "PIN" number.  The student enters this number into a "Key Pad" as he/she reaches the cash register.  Your child’s PIN number appears at the top of this letter. We strongly encourage each student to memorize his or her number.  Parents can help by helping their students learn this number at home. Memorizing the number will help avoid long delays during service.  If your child receives free or reduced price lunches, this system will provide complete confidentiality for these students as all students in the school now have a secret PIN number.

    Increased Security

    When the student enters their PIN number, the student’s school photo and other information about the student will appear on the screen so the cashier can confirm that this account does belong to this student.  This system is safer and faster than systems using scan cards. 

    More Detailed information on your child's account

    When the PIN number is entered into the Pin Pad, the computer will show the cashier the students current balance, if any money is due, and any other personal notes you may want attached to your child’s record such as: dietary restrictions, spending restrictions and/or snack restrictions.

    Saving For Parents and Students

    Prepaid accounts for all students means that parents can deposit money into their child's account, in any amount, at any time and not have to be concerned with the hassle of coming up with the correct change each morning. Any monies left over at the end of the school year will be carried over to the next school year. The lunch line moves faster for the students if all the meals are prepaid. This gives the students more time to enjoy their lunch period. Parents can pay any amount. Your payment does not have to be a multiple of the lunch price. Any amount you send will be credited to your child's account. You are only charged for the meals and snacks your child has purchased. 

    Convenient & Saves Money

    You can send in prepayment money at any time. We strongly encourage parents to prepay using checks, rather than cash. Your checks should be made payable to “Wallkill School Districtand sent to the cafeteria.

    When sending in a prepayment, please include the child's PIN number on the envelope or check.  If the money is to be divided between two or more students please put this in writing and indicate how much is to go for each child. 

    If you would like your student to have the option of purchasing snacks, 2nd entree’s or milk from their account, please indicate so in writingOtherwise, all the money will be put into the students meal account.  You child will then only be able to purchase a breakfast or lunch.

    The options of how you set up your child’s account are numerous.  For example, suppose you sent in $50 to debit your students account. You may:

    a)  Apply $50 to the meal account (lunch & breakfast meal only)

    b) Apply $25 to the meal account and $25 to the general account (allows the student to purchase snacks or 2nd entree’s from the general account and meals from the meal account)

    c) Apply $25 to the meal account and $25 to the general account with a $2.00 limit on spending per day.

    d) Apply $50 to the general account which allows the student to purchase unlimited snacks and meals unless you indicate a limit.