• Suggestions to keep students in the most receptive state for learning.

    These ideas can help children refocus in the classroom as well as at home during homework time.


    See specific categories below for suggestions 

    Exercise increases oxygen supply to the brain, releases stress and can regain attention. Young students have attention spans of only a few minutes. They need to have frequent physical stimulation and exercise as a break.


    (For further descriptions, feel free to ask the OT department!)

    Palm pushes

    Finger Pulls

    Chair push ups

    Arm squeezes

    Leg Squeezes

    Knee pushes

    Deep Breathing (Smell the flowers/Blow out the candle)

    Marching in place

    Yoga style stretches

    Cross lateral moves (touching left hand to right knee, etc.)

    Research has shown that exercise keeps our minds and bodies alert and more ready to learn. Feel free to do this quick exercise program as many times throughout the day as you feel your class needs.


    Marching in Place: Lift knees high, stamp feet. Count of 10

    Cross Crawl: Lift right knee & touch with left hand. Reverse, repeat.

    Knee & hand should touch at midline. Count of 10.

    Jumping Jacks: Jumping jacks. Count of 10.

    Helicopters: Arms to sides with elbows bent up. Turn left & right.

    Count of 10.

    Toe Touches: Bend forward at hips. Touch toes. Count of 5.

    Sidestretches: Left arm over head right hand down by right knee.

    Count of 5. Reverse for count of 5.

    Back Bend: Clasp hands over head keeping elbows next to ears.

    Lean back and look at ceiling. Count of 5.

    Deep Breathing: Breathe in slowly through nose, filling abdomen,

    for count of 4; breathe out through nose for

    count of 4.