• Visual Motor/Visual Perceptual Skills
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    Visual motor skills is another term for eye-hand coordination, which means that the eyes and hands work together smoothly. STRONG HAND & FINGER MUSCLES AND GOOD EYESIGHT ARE NECESSARY FOR EYE-HAND COORDINATION.
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    Some activities to help improve visual motor skills are: stringing beads or other items, Etch-a-sketch, Magnadoodle, putting small items into small containers or through lids with slots in them, catching a ball, and tossing bean bags at a target. Activity books that include dot to dot pictures and mazes are a great inexpensive way to work on eye-hand coordination.
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    Visual perceptual skills include visual memory, visual discrimination, and spatial relationships (how objects are oriented to each other and to you).
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    Some activities to help improve visual perceptual skills are: sorting items, memory games (you can buy the game or use cards or other items), target games, puzzles, the game Perfection, I Spy or Where's Waldo, and building sets (building from a model or picture) such as blocks, Legos, or Kinex.
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