Speech and Language Therapy Services

    A wide range of therapy services are available to all students grades K through 12. Students are eligible to receive language and communication skills services under three general categories:

    1. Speech as a Special Education Related Service
    2. Speech as an accommodation within a 504 Plan
    3. Speech Improvement Services (Educationally Related Support Services)

    Speech, Language, Fluency and Voice Screenings
    Communication screenings are completed throughout the school year to determine the need for additional diagnostic testing and direct speech therapy services. New entrants and other students referred by parents, teachers and the Response To Intervention (RTI) Team may be screened.

    Diagnostic Testing
    Following a screening additional testing may be completed to determine the nature and severity of the communication impairment as well as the need for direct speech therapy services which may include:

    Articulation/Phonological Therapy
    To develop sound skills and phonological skills to an age appropriate level. *This may also include oral-motor therapy to improve strength, flexibility and movement of the musculature of the face and mouth.

    Language Therapy
    To develop receptive and expressive language to age appropriate levels.* This may include pragmatic language therapy to address use of language in social situations.

    Fluency Therapy
    To address speech fluency skills including stuttering and cluttering.

    Voice Therapy
    To improve voice quality and, or rate of speech; as well as to education students about vocal abuse. *Note, medical clearance from an Ear, Nose, and Throat Physician is a requirement for students to participate in a voice therapy program.