• If a preschool-age child (3-5 years old) has some development delays such as difficulty in talking, moving around, thinking, and/or learning, the parent or county may make a referral to the school district.

    A referral can be requested in the following ways:

    • By a Parent/Guardian
    • By the County – Under the county it can be EI, Caseworker, the Commissioner’s Office, etc.

    Only the person who has legal custody or guardianship of a child can make a referral.

    No one other than the people mentioned above can make a referral for the child: for example, a teacher, a grandparent, friend, etc.

    When someone other than the EI OSC (Early Intervention Ongoing Service Coordinator) makes a referral, the reason for referring the child must be identified.  The areas of concern need to be identified in order to know what evaluations to administer. 

    The school district evaluates for the following:

    • Speech Delays
    • Motor Delays
    • Physical Delays
    • Educational Delays
    • Social/Emotional Delays

    Neither the district nor agencies can give a child a diagnosis.  If the person referring wants a child to be diagnosed, for instance, ADD/ADHD, Autism, or any medical issue, you refer them to their pediatrician. 

    The child must be registered with the school district before the evaluation process can start.

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