• The Evaluation ProcessKids

    All the evaluations are conducted at no cost to the family.  In the registration packet, there is a list of approved county agencies to conduct the evaluations. There is also a district consent that asks you to select three to five approved evaluators.  The reason for choosing multiple agencies is to be able to meet the timeline.  Once consent is received, evaluations must be conducted and a meeting must be scheduled within 60 calendar days. 

    An evaluation includes various assessments to determine if/how the child’s difficulties may be impacting his or her learning.  All children are evaluated in the following areas: Psychological, Observation and Social History.  Additional evaluations are completed depending on areas of concern such as speech/language skills and motor skills.

    We will contact the agencies you selected and determine which one can do the evaluations in the timeliest manner.  Once the agency is determined, then they will contact you to set up a time to do the evaluations.  Most evaluations are conducted at the site of the agency, but some are available to come to the home/community (they are listed on the agency form).  Once the evaluations take place and the reports are written, the Initial Eligibility CPSE meeting will be scheduled.  The evaluating agency will send you the written report via email or U.S. Postal Service.  You should have this evaluation five days prior to the CPSE meeting date.  If you have any questions, you can contact the CPSE Department at any time.

    Location of CPSE Meetings:

    The invitation that you receive will list the date and time of the meeting.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all meetings are currently being held virtually.  You will receive an email with the Zoom information.  Please make sure the district has your current email address.  You can participate in Zoom meetings by video or telephone.  Instructions are included in the Zoom invitation.

    If you need to cancel the meeting, you will need to contact the Special Education Office Preschool Department at 895-7114.  Meeting dates are set in advance, so another meeting will be arranged but may not take place for a few weeks. 


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