• Wallkill CSD Title I Information

  • What is Title I?

    Title I is the nation’s oldest and largest federally funded program, according to the US Department of Education.  The idea originally was enacted in 1965 under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.  This policy is committed to closing the achievement gap between low-income students and other students.  The policy was rewritten in 1994 to improve at risk students' performance in school.  The goal is to have each student make adequate yearly progress on state testing and focus on best teaching practices in order to continue receiving funds.  

  • What is the Purpose of Title I Funding?

    The basic principles of Title I state that schools with large concentrations of low-income students will receive supplemental funds to assist in meeting students’ educational goals.  Low-income students are determined by the number of students enrolled in the free and reduced lunch program.  

  • How are Title I Funds Used?

    How Title I schools use their funds resides with each district.  At Wallkill Central School District we use funds to improve students both academically and socially through curriculum, instructional activities, counseling, parental involvement, increase staff and program improvement.

  • Wallkill CSD Title I Schools