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    Middle & High School Student Resources

Skills Practice Apps

  • BrainPop
  • Castle Learning
  • IXL
  • nearpod
  • Vocabulary.com
  • Zoom Login

Art Apps

  • Culture Trip
  • Google Arts & Culture
  • Guggenheim Collection
  • National Gallery of Art
  • National Museum of African American Art & Culture
  • National Museum of the American Indian
  • SmartHistory Center for Public Art History
  • Smithsonian Learning Lab
  • The Metropolitan Museum
  • Virtual Louvre

English Language Arts Apps

  • Google Arts & Culture
  • Great Big Story
  • Newsela
  • Shakespeare Virtual Tours
  • Smithsonian Learning Lab


  • Merriam-Webster Learner’s Dictionary An online American English dictionary for English language learners. Find definitions and example sentences and hear the correct pronunciation of a word. Try some of the vocabulary and pronunciation exercises.

    The Internet Picture Dictionary Lookup a word or browse by category (animals, colors, kitchen, etc.) in this basic picture dictionary. Use the activities list to play spelling games and review words.

    Cambridge Dictionaries Online Search the Learner's, Advanced Learner's, American English, Idioms, and Phrasal Verbs Dictionaries from Cambridge University Press. The Advanced Learner’s Dictionary includes audio pronunciations in American and British English.

    Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Online Find definitions and sample sentences. Follow the word of the day and browse word families to increase your vocabulary.

    Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary Contains over 6,000 images. Lookup a word alphabetically or browse by theme (e.g. earth, house, society).

Math Apps

  • BrainPop Math
  • Crash Course Math
  • Data Gif Maker
  • Delta Math
  • Desmos
  • GeoGebra
  • Khan Academy
  • Mathigon

Music Apps

  • Chrome Music Lab

College Resources

  • Academo Virtual Oscilloscope
  • American Museum of Natural History Weather & Climate Graphs
  • Chemix Lab Drawing Tool
  • CK-12
  • Explore Nature Live Cams
  • HHMI BioInteractive
  • NASA Galleries
  • PhET Simulations
  • Royal Society of Chemistry Periodic Table
  • Seeing Music
  • Smithsonian Learning Lab
  • Waveform Simulator

Creative Apps

  • Brush Ninja Gif Maker
  • Online Voice Recorder
  • The Noun Project Icons

Research Sites

  • JGB Middle School Databases
  • WSHS Library Databases

Testing & Data Apps

  • DataMate
  • Everfi
  • Formative
  • STAR Assessment
Last Modified on May 10, 2024