• National Honor Society By-Laws

    Wallkill Senior High School: Shawangunk Chapter


    Article I: Membership

    Membership in the National Honor Society is both an honor and a responsibility. Students selected for membership are expected to continue to demonstrate the qualities of scholarship, leadership, character, and service by which they were selected. Failure to maintain a 90 average for two consecutive quarters shall result in a written warning. After three quarters with an average under 90, the member shall be dismissed. Failure to demonstrate leadership, character, or service shall result in a written warning, then a conference with the adviser, next a period of time to rectify the existing situation, and finally dismissal from the National Honor Society.


    Article II: Meetings

    A member is required to attend a minimum of seven of the ten general meetings. Twenty-four hour written notice to the adviser explaining an anticipated absence is required. Members are exempt from giving a written notification if they are absent from school for sickness on the day of a meeting. Athletes or musicians with obligations are still required to attend a minimum of seven meetings during the school year. After a second and third absence, a student will be notified of his/her attendance status. Upon the fourth absence, a student will be notified in writing of his/her dismissal from the National Honor Society.


    Article III: Officers

    The officers shall conduct all meetings by Robert's Rules of Order. The President shall call to order the meeting and be the primary facilitator. The President shall generate the agenda for each general meeting and be prepared to present at the Officer's meeting held prior to the general meeting. The President shall serve on at least one standing committee.

    The Vice-President shall be responsible for keeping attendance records and notifying members in writing of missed meetings. In the absence of the president, the vice-president shall conduct the meetings. He/she shall also maintain service records and periodically present a report to the general members as to each member's service status. The vice-president shall serve on at least one standing committee.

    The secretary shall be responsible for recording the minutes at each meeting. Minutes shall be presented at the next general meeting. The secretary shall serve on at least one standing committee.

    The treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining the financial records of the organization. He/she shall be ready to present for review and acceptance a treasurer's report at each general meeting. The treasurer shall serve on at least one standing committee.

    The historian shall be responsible for maintaining membership records for the organization. The historian will be responsible for compiling and documenting the activities of the organization in a form a binder for the membership year in written form and in photographs when possible.


    Article IV: Elections

    Individuals interested in submitting their names for election must have a minimum of active service in the National Honor Society. Elections will take place at a specially scheduled meeting in May. New officers will begin to learn their roles in June and take over as officers for the nest school year.


    Article V: Service

    All members are required to perform 15 hours of community service per semester for a total of 60 for the year, including activities within the school and the community at large. All students must be available to serve in the tutoring program and in the school store. Additional service credit can be achieved in a variety of ways. Failure to preform the required school and community service shall be grounds for dismissal from the National Honor Society.



    There shall be standing committees for the National Honor Society that include, but are not limited to, School Store, Tutoring Program, Community Service Events, Fundraising, and Website/Technology.

    Attendance Policy:

    1. Attendance at seven of the ten meetings is mandatory, however, with each missed meeting you are missing valuable information. You must submit a note stating the reason for your absence.

    2. Absences from school do not require a note but still count as a missed meeting. in the event of a school event (music, sports, etc.) the coach or supervising teacher can supply a note for you.

    3. In teh event that a member has more than three absences, that member will be dismissed from the National Honor Society

    4. Meetings for the 2010-2011 school are to be held on the second Wednesday of each month.Please note that meeting dates are subject to change as the discretion of the adviser and/or the officers.Members will receive ample notice if a meeting day changes.

    5. During the day of an NHS meeting or activity, members are required to wera their NHS shirts.


    Honor Society Passes:

    One of the benefits of belonging to the National Honor Society is that members receive an NHS pass that gives them certain privileges. It is required that students will be respectful and honorable with the use of these passes. If at any time a problem arises, the use of this NHS pass will be revoked.

    1. The NHS membership card serves as your NHS pass.

    2. A student may use this pass from his/her studyhall to go to the library, computer labs, band/ chorus room. The student must sign at from the initial location as usual.

    3. A student may use this pass from any academic class for the bathroom, locker, or to run an errand with approval of the classroom teacher.

    4. A student may use this pass from lunch to go to any of the above mentioned locations.

    5. The NHS pass may not be used to enter a class late or enter a class early.

    6. Any teacher reserves the right to deny an NHS student use of their NHS pass for a particular errand. If there are any concerns, the adviser should be contacted.