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    * When administered the AP exam will only test topics from 1754 to 1945 (Ch35 in textbook) 

    * For update on AP Test Dates see below

    * The following link has lessons for all AP classes and topics



    John Green AP US History crash course, Adam Norris AP US History Review and Tom Richey US Review are good youtube resources to support review and moving forward through Ch 35.

    On my Useful Links page there are the two sites for Mult Choice review and a link for textbook Ch summaries.

    There are also document links to my notes for each chapter. Any questions email.

    This is an excellent site for content and resources;

     1870's to early 1900's






    AP Test Dates and Format Info, bottom portion of chart is Hist.

     EXAM Dates and Format

    AP Strategies for "openbook" exam;

    AP Exam Info


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