• Just a reminder. My PE classes are live and Zoom. When I am teaching in school students I have Zoom on also. This way we can all see each other, say hi and exercise as a class. On line learners we will say good bye to you after our workout on nice days because in school learners will be goin outside. At home learners continue to work on skills we have practiced and activities listed.

    905-945 6th grade

    950-1030 4th grade

    1035-1115 5th grade

    1120-1200 3rd grade

    1245-125 2nd grade

    130-210 1st grade

    215-255 k


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  •  Hybrid Update week 1

    During PE, we are unable to use our equipment right now. If your student could bring in 2 pairs of rolled up socks, an empty plastic water bottle they can kick and a soccer and football it would be great. Please DON'T buy anything. If they don't have a ball no problem. I would just like them to have something for recess. Thanks for your patience. Sorry the WIFi was down yesterday. If your student is unable to get on Zoom please have them work on activities listed for their grade level. Thanks again for your ongoing support. You guys are amazing.

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  • Hello, this is Mr. Kowal. I am going to explain how the Hybrid Model for Physical Education will work for Mr. Kowal's class.

    I will meet you at your classroom.

    We will set up Zoom for students that are continuing remotely.

    We will do our exercises in the classroom so no one will get dirty.

    After the exercises, we will leave the classroom exiting out the nearest door. We will also sanitize our hands with hand sanitizer.

    Once outside we will be playing games dealing with the skills we have previously practiced online.

    At the end of the class, I will have hand sanitizer for you to sanitize your hands.

    Any equipment we use will be numbered.

    You are the only one that will use that number.

    Example: Leaping Larry is #1. He will only use things with the #1 on it.

    Please feel free to use the equipment at recess also.

    At the end of the day, you are asked to lay the equipment out in your own section. After school, I will come around and disinfect all the equipment. At night when the classrooms are being disaffected and the fog machine is being used, your equipment will be disaffected again.

    So, it will be disaffected 2x. Awesome.

    I know the question coming, "What if it rains"?

    If it rains, we will have to stay in the classroom. Bummer I know. We will work on activity sheets and watch videos dealing with the skills we are working on.

    Second question, "What about students not returning"?

    First, you will be missed BIG TIME! But, I really do understand.

    I do not have WiFi outside so we will not be able to Zoom with you during this part of class.

    I will take pictures and videos and post them on the website so you can see what we did.

    Please ask me anything, I will do my best to answer them and make this a great experience.

    Personal phone number 845-616-6402

    Email tkowal@wallkillcsd.k12.ny.us


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