• Welcome to Mrs. Bouck's First Grade Class

  • Classroom Wish List

    One of the treats in our classroom is peppermint lifesavors. (Wintergreen, spearmint...any mint flavor) Research has shown that a small peppermint can can ease stress and anxiety. If you would like to send in a pack of mint tic-tacs or mint lifesavors, we would be very grateful!   An added benefit I have found is that it cuts down on talking and putting hands in their mouth! :-)

Class Schedule

  • Lunch: 11:15-11:45

    Specials: 1:30-2:10
    ABC Days: Phys Ed (need sneakers!)
    D days: Library books due!
    E days: Art
    F days: Music
    Recess: 12:50-1:10

    Children are encouraged to bring water bottles (with names clearly written on them) and a healthy snack. Snack time is at 2;45 daily. Snacks should be "grab and go snacks", such as an apple, cheese stick, etc. (Please do not send items that need to be peeled, frosted, etc.)

Homework Routine

  • Homework is assigned Monday-Thursday.

    1) Math: (required) The students will have a math homework book that will include reasoning puzzles to help them practice math facts and math vocabulary in a fun way. There will be one puzzle page assigned each night, and we will often start the puzzle in class. Your child will be able to complete these puzzles independently in the near future, (with the exception of the crossword vocabulary reviews.) We will go over their homework in class each morning.

    2) Spelling/Word Study: (optional) Your child will have a phonics concept skill each week. These will be their spelling words to study. Spelling lists will come home each week with a list of suggested ways to practice. You can choose to practice these words any way that you see fit. We will also be practicing the skills in class during our word work time.

    3) Reading: (optional ) Students are encouraged to choose a book from our class lending library to read with their family each night. These are meant to be a read aloud by a parent to your child. (They are not typically your child's reading level) The purpose is simply to foster a love of reading. There are no reading logs or written assignments...this is purely for reading pleasure.

Supply List

  • Please send in all of the following, and replace items as needed throughout the year.
    • 24 #2 pre-sharpened pencils, with eraser tips
    • 1 black dry erase markers (fine tip)
    • ( two packs) 16-24 size pack of Crayola crayons
    • 6 glue sticks, to be replaced as needed
    • 1 durable pocket folder(with bottom pockets; labeled with name)
    • 1 set of headphones in a zip lock bag (labeled with name) for our new 1:1 devices

    The following are things that we use in the classroom and may be donated at any time:
    • Winter green life saver mints
    • Zip lock gallon size freezer bags
    • Zip lock sandwich baggies
    • Scented stickers!
    • 2” x 2” or 3”x 3” post-it notes

    Please Note: I am happy to store any extra supplies for your child in class.

Contact Information

  • Teacher wearing bun and glasses at desk with vase of flowers and ruler

    The best way to reach me is to write me a note inside your child's daily homework folder. In most cases, you will receive a response the same day. You may also use the contact form listed on the left of this web page.

    Please do not use the email system or voicemail system for important messages (such as bus changes). Remember that a substitue teacher does not have access to those systems.

    For more urgent messages, please call the school office, and they will leave me a message.

    If you do choose to use voicemail or email, please allow a few days for a response.