Nordic Ski Season 2017 - 2018

    Team Banquet Thursday April 5th from 6 pm to 8:30 pm in HS Library, get there early to help set up.

     Plan the Banquet: Everyone needs to bring a dish and/or supplies for the dinner.

    Seniors, Maddy, Sam, Ella, and Emily can you organize this?

    We also need some people and parents to work on the photography show. Steve is no longer with us to make the dvd's but we do have $100 or more to pay for it. Stew has some pictures from sections and other parents have pics from other races.


    STATES were at Gore Mountain in North Creek NY Monday 2/26/18 and Tuesday 2/27/18.


      The Wallkill Boys are the Sectional Champions again winning the 10 K Skate Championship Race on perfect conditions at Lapland Nordic on Tuesday 2/13/18. The Smith twins did it again with Justin taking 2nd place and Lucas in 3rd. Jude Martini and Aiden Banks had their best race of the season to take 5th and 6th place. Mazin Moya was 8th and Jared Salomon took 10th place to give Wallkill six of the ten medals awarded at Sections.

    STATE TEAM for 2018

    Justin Smith, Lucas Smith, Jude Martini, Aiden Banks, Mazin Moya (alternate)  



    6th Race was a Classic Race 10K for Boys and 7.5 K for Girls at Mohonk. The snow was slow and so was the Klister. Justin and Lucas Smith took 2nd and 3rd place to lead the boys team to victory. Mazin Moya had a great race taking 4th place with the young Russian Alex Temidis in 6th place. Jude Martini and younger brother Luke topped it off in 6th and 7th place to give the boys their 6th win of the season.

    The girls lost to New Paltz and Rondout. Maddy Tremper fought a hard race to take 8th place. 

    5th Race was a 6.5 K Classic Race at Gore Mountain with difficult waxing conditions. The boy's team was able to hold off New Paltz for another victory. The boys were lead again by the Smith Twins with Justin placing second this race and Lucus taking 3rd. Jude Martini had a solid race and took 5th followed by Mazin Moya 7th , Aiden Banks 8th and freshman Alex Timidus ( The Russian) in 10th place.

    The girls were defeated by a strong New Paltz team, but were lead by Maddy Tremper in 5th place and Samantha Scannell coming off an injury to break into the top ten taking 9th place. 

    4th Race was another Skate Race on a slow course at Mohonk on marginal snow

    3rd Race of the season was at Mohonk 1/9/18. A warmer day on a faster  5K course. Once again the boys team won and were lead by Captains Lucas and Justin Smith who placed 2nd and 3rd, followed by Aiden Banks 5th , Jude Martini 6th, and Mazin Moya 7th. The Girls race was won by New Paltx but Madison Tremper had a fast race and took 6th place followed by Ella Davison placing 8th.  

    2nd Race was at Mohonk 1/7/18: A little cold but a beautiful day on a flatter 8K course than usually. The Boys Team won again with Lucas and Justin Smith taking 2nd, and 3rd place. But the surprise of the day was Mazin Moya getting 4th place overall. Jared Solomon took 5th and freshman Luke Martini was 8th to give the boys a total of 30 points over New Paltz with 21 points. In the Girls Race New Paltz won but Ella Davison and Maddy Tremper were able to place in the top ten by taking 7th and 8th place. 

     First Race Jan. 4, 2018 at Minnewask on a Cold Hard hilly 6K Course.

    The boys Team won and were lead by Lucas Smith placing 2nd, followed by Justin Smith 3rd. Aiden Banks 4th with Jude Martini 5th, and Jared Solomon getting 6th. The Girls lost to a strong New Paltz team, but were lead by Ella Davison with a great race taking 5th place, and Madison Tremper getting 9th place.





    Boys Team Champions 2018

    Boys 2018 Team





    Individual Section IX Champions






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