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  • 2017 Authors' Day 4/4/17 & 4/5/17!

    This past week, we had the pleasure of hosting a very talented group of authors and illustrators. We had two authors visit us. Each author engaged the students and discussed what it is like to be an author, what led them to being an author or illustrator, and what inspired them to follow their dream! We were very fortunate to host such a talented group this year. Thank you very much to Mr. James Preller (Plattekill & Leptondale) , and Mr. Peter Catalanotto (Ostrander) for visiting us in the Wallkill Central School District.


    Author James Preller

    James Preller (pictured above) has written over 80 children books. He is best known for his Jigsaw Jones Mysteries series, as well as, as his Scary Tale series!

    Illustrator Peter Catalanotto

    Peter Catalanotto (pictured above) is a well decorated author and illustrator. He is best known for Ivan the Terrier, An Angel for Solomon Singer, and Matthew A.B.C!

  • Mr. Cabarcas' daily schedule for the fourth quarter:

    A & B days: Ostrander Elementary

    C & D days: Leptondale Elementary

    E & F days: Plattekill Elementary


    If I am unavailable, please feel free to contact our library staff.


    Ostrander: 845-895-7225

    Mrs. Sloboda, Instructional Assistant (A-F days)

    Mrs. Marvulli, Teacher Assistant (A-F days)



    Mrs. Benken, Instructional Assistant (A-F days)

    Mrs. Piaquadio, Library Clerk (A-F days)


    Leptondale: 845-895-7200

    Mrs. Atkins, Instructional Assistant (A-F days)