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  • Committee on Preschool Special Education

  • What is the CPSE?

    CPSE stands for the Committee on Preschool Special Education.  CPSE serves children with disabilities from the ages 3 through 5.  CPSE does not necessarily mean that a child will be attending a preschool program.  It indicates that the child is of preschool age (3-5).  The NY State Education Department (SED) oversees the program statewide.  School districts, counties, and approved providers work under the New York State guidelines and regulations.  Evaluations and services or programs are provided to eligible children who have a disability that affects their learning.  Funding for these special education programs and services are provided by the counties and state.
    Please investigate the links within our website for additional details, resources, and registration procedures.
  • Anthony White
    Director of Pupil Personnel
    (845) 895-7104
    Danielle Krebs, M.A., C.A.S.
    CPSE Chairperson &
    School Psychologist
    (845) 895-7117
    Sheryl Affuso
    School Program Secretary
    (845) 895-7114 
    CPSE Fax 845-895-8079