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    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Living Environment, Chemistry, Higher Level Math  (See Advanced Placement Criteria) 

    An overall, in-depth approach to College Biology which makes constant references to the diversity 
    of organisms. Inter-dependence of organisms and their environment, adaptation and behavior, and
    evolution are studied. In-depth study of selective areas and zoology, botany, comparative anatomy,
    cellular physiology, genetics and heredity, and molecular biology are part of this curriculum. 

    Eight lecture periods per week plus independent research and laboratory projects.

    College Credit: It is possible to obtain placement, credit or both.  Encouraged to take the AP Exam (May).

    427        Human Anatomy and Disease (NCAA APPROVED FOR 1 CREDIT)   1 credit

    Prerequisite:  This course is designed for juniors and seniors who have successfully completed Living

    Environment and who might elect an additional biology course to supplement their practical understanding of the human body and may not be interested in, or qualifies for the AP Living Environment course offered.

    This non-lab course will include hands-on activities using laboratory equipment and procedures to expand on the recently abbreviated NYS Living Environment curriculum pertaining to the human body systems and diseases that affect such.  This course will introduce students to an expanded view of the human body and a wide variety of diseases/disorders that they may encounter within their lifetime.

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    phone: (845) 895-7150