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    Welcome to Mr. Seelig’s website Technology Grade 8

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    If you would like to know what the T and E in STEM mean just click the picture to see a video about it.

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    Course description: This course is designed to provide students with experiences in the study of technology. Students will become aware of what technology is and how it affects their daily lives. Feel free to navigate and explore the site.

  • Here is the lab. This is where all the projects are built and sometimes I teach class in here to break up the usual setting.

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    This is our shop's tool cabinet and houses most of our hand-tools. It is very important that students have a good understanding and mastery of hand-tools before using any power equipment. This is where the elbow grease comes in!

  • Here is the classroom and computers- I have even incorporated some standing stations. Most lectures and bookwork take place here. Also, students will use the computers for certain applications and projects. Sometimes, our class will go to the library or other computer lab in order to enable every student access to a computer at the same time.

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    The following attachment is a document containing two of my personal philosophies- one on technology education and the other directed at education in general. These viewpoints are extremely important to me and are reflected in my teachings as well as student interactions.

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    Here is a link counting down to the end of the year (including holidays and weekends)- just click the clock!