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    This page offers solutions to common Chromebook technical problems and additional helpful information.

Restart & Remove User

  • Many performance, web site accessibilty, and random technical issues are often resolved by performing this relatively simple two-step process.

    • Restart the Chromebook
      Hold down the Refresh Key Refesh Icon (top row) and tap the Power Button Power Icon  (at upper right of keyboard or along upper right side).

    • ** Remove User **
      At the initial login screen, click/tap the Down Arrow Down Arrow next to the username and select Remove User. The system will ask you again to confirm your request, click/tap Remove User once more.
    ** Important Note **
    Files which have been downloaded to the Chromebook are deleted during this process!
    • Dowloaded files reside within the Files folder, found by swiping up from the bottom of Chromebook screen.
    • If one wishes to retain any of these files, open Office365 > OneDrive, and Upload items from the Files folder.

    After this process, login as usual and investigate whether your issue has been resolved.

Chromebook Printing Support

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Additional Support Contact Information

  • If your issue is not addressed here, or the performance of a procedure does not resolve your problem, please refer to the following contact link for support.
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