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December "Panther of the Month"

Anthony Nelson

Anthony Nelson

Sports: Varsity Football, Indoor Track, and Spring Track

Grade: 11

Anthony has had an exciting first semester athletically for Wallkill. In the fall, he was recognized as a section 9 football all-star, doubling as a return man, and hybrid runningback and reciever. This winter, Anthony has put up some impressive jumps, including setting a school record in the high jump! Anthony looks to qualify for the state tournament for indoor track this winter on February 22nd. 

Earlier in December, Anthony opted not to jump after a busy week. He ran instead to save his knee. He spent the majority of the time at the High Jump helping both male and female athletes from Wallkill and friends/opponents from other teams.When his phone battery ran out, Ant ran and grabbed his mother’s phone so he could continue recording other’s jumps, show error, praise the good pieces and offer advice of the jump. His support and genuine care for his teammates and opponents is the utmost demonstation of sportsmanship.